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Spam Filtering

Spam and phishing schemes are out of control. They are at their highest levels ever. To fight back we have incorporated a whole new spam filtering suite. MailCleaner.

MailCleaner is a full fledged spam fighting service. Multiple locations, multiple servers, its a complete anti-spam package. Using multiple detection policies and accompanied by one of the best anti-virus/spyware scanning softwares, you can rest assured your mail will be clean before it reaches you. The new quarantine management gives you total control of your filtered mail. Send change requests immediately to the system so it can learn which mail you would like to receive and discard. Whitelists, blacklists, warn lists, and so much more.

The best part... you don't have to configure anything. No more logging in and setting up email addresses. MailCleaner attaches directly to your Active Directory or LDAP domain. Any email address you are assigned in the directory will be active.

MailCleaner does offer server failover redundancy for your mail server. If you server is down, MailCleaner will hold your mail for up to 72 hours. Once the connection is re-established, your mail will be delivered.

MailCleaner is offered in a flat fee per domain. No user fees. No limit to email addresses.

Contact us for details.

Spam is an ongoing and growing problem affecting all businesses who communicate with email. In today's business environments e-mail is just as, or even more important than having a telephone line for your business. Direct and almost immediate contact between two parties is the most efficient and cost effective solution today. Why should you be burdened by unwanted emails in your mailbox?

Whether it is in small amounts or large mailbox filling amounts, SPAM is a hindrance on both bandwidth and storage. It can be time consuming and inadvertently cost money to sift through false messages just to find the actual pertinent mail which is being sent to you. Any message from an unwanted mailing list or spamming worm that has infected someone else's mail system is dangerous. They expose you to the possibility of receiving viruses and spy ware.

With our SPAM Filtering service you no longer will feel the need to sigh in disgust when you open your mail client. When using SPAM Filtering from RiccaNET IT Solutions your mail is filtered through our multiple inspection servers with no configuration from you. The incoming messages are first checked against award winning Real-time Blocking Lists then they travel through our multiple inspection server which scan for viruses, inappropriate language, and all possible signs of spam. Finally, the messages which are acceptable are forwarded to your mail server. Please contact us for information on our competitive prices.

*Due to our aggressive attack on SPAM. Some acceptable messages may be filtered. These messages will be delayed, but will always be delivered.*
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